2. "I feel like a ghost. I feel like an apparition. I feel as though, at some point, it occurs to all of them that I’m a ghost, and that they must walk back to their trenches. I’m a mirage. I’m not real. Not more than two nights should be spent with me. It was all a dream. You were silly to think he exists and wants you."
    — (via trueemergence)
  3. I get hangovers from being happy.


  4. I feel so perpetually embarrassed. Unconditional is insanity


  5. My personal stages of depression, coping methods, and lingering problems


    Instead of ever mentioning to 90% of people that I was sad/depressed/etc and that’s why I … disappeared… or any number of things that I tend to do when I get lost. I’m just going to start telling them that I was “ill”. I won’t use the word “sick”, just “ill”.

    It makes me feel better because I’m not lying in anyway. There’s often nothing I can do about my depression other than to put one foot in front of the other and brave the storm. All too often if I mention at all that I was sad many people are quick to say things like “Well, you’re the one in control of your emotions.” That’s relatively unfair to say to someone who struggles with functioning in anyway some weeks.

    There are many things that one can do though, and I do feel that one should do as many of those things as they can help. However, no matter what someone does climb out of a deep ditch, sometimes there’s simply nothing that will help. There’s nothing that will pull them up. Sometimes it’s permanent, sometimes it’s temporary.

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  6. Question for anyone with a history of cutting

    I haven’t cut in months and months, and for the most part keep all forms of self harm down. I had a pretty awesome night and a good day, but I’m getting these sensations on my wrists.

    I can’t quite put it to words though. It feels like my fingertips are tingling, and the sensation runs down my hands to my wrists and then the skin there feels really intense. it’s especially in my right hand. It makes me want to cut. It also runs down the length of my wrist to my elbow from time to time… it’s all so strange and out of nowhere. Does anyone get a similar sensation?


  7. "i’m just so fucking messed up.
    It’s just spilling out because i felt good, and in the space of time between when i’m happy and when i can repress my emotions - that’s the space of time that all my depression escapes through"

  8. I feel like if I cut I could sleep

    I want to be tired


  9. I don’t want to start cutting again

    Im scared
    But this is what love is right?


  10. Another day

    Another dazed and confused amble through my life. Reaching my arms out to make certain I dont lose track of the cave wall. For if i trip it takes an eternity to rise up. If I grow weary then it is only on me to pick myself back up.

    If it weren’t for my natural drive to live I’d long since laid down, never to lift myself up again.